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La Parisienne Assistant Training Program is the integral path for any experienced professional hairstylist. After becoming licensed, beginning stylist has two options in their career. The first is to become a beginning stylist and continue in their career. The second option, which La Parisienne firmly believes, is to set goals for yourself and further establish an understanding of the hair industry by immersing yourself in a program to become a full-fledged stylist.


“Anyone can get a job right out of hair school, but not everyone can succeed in the deeper level study of hair. I am speaking about the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of what should go on in a well-versed salon. La Parisienne Assistant Training Program provides stylists education and training that gives them the tools and experience they need to succeed in their career,” said Priscilla Detiger Owner and Master stylist at La Parisienne.

Program Process: What to Expect


Our program runs for 12 months, where the first 6 months you will spend your time with salon support. With salon support, you will be educated in a variety of aspects of the salon including salon staff/client accommodation, advanced product knowledge (back bar & color lines), workflow, scheduling practices, salon representation, and additional tasks.


After six months of salon support, stylists are paired with specific stylists based on their goals and expertise. During this time, stylists increase their knowledge with advanced haircutting, coloring technique, blow-drying, and establishment of clients/book.


Successful completion of the 12 months of training, there will be an opportunity to apply for a chair at the salon as a La Parisienne Hairstylist.

La Parisienne Assistant Training Program
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